We provide clients with the full support necessary to ensure a well-planned, successful and unforgettable event.


We believe the design, choreography and execution of an event constitutes a strategic message on behalf of our client. Talented and highly creative, our team designs and executes brand events, lifestyle events and creative programming that set the standard for excellence in Las Vegas.


The success of an event is about memorable first impressions, experiences, and evoking a positive long-lasting association for the guests. We design the specific creative solution, graphics, and other ingredients to bring your vision to life.


When finding the balance between a professional event and creative event, choreography can sometimes be challenging. SEM’s professional entertainment choreographers know exactly how to blur these lines to create a tantalizing event from start to finish that will please all.


The execution of an event is the single most important facet of the Corporate Planner’s experience, we know this. Our philosophy is: The bigger the challenge, the greater the reward. Our team champions confidence, efficiency and comforting professionalism just when you need it most. You can count on SEM to provide excellent logistic management so that our Corporate Planner’s can actually enjoy their event and focus on their guests – instead of their timeline.


Creative. Experienced. Dedicated.

Annmarie Feiler


Email: ABFeiler@SEMLV.com

Alexandra Batteria

Operations Manager

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Linh Nguyen

Special Event Sales

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Eileen Nunez

Sales Manager

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